Request - exit to sub-folder :

When i open a saved file inside a sub-folder for emulation/check info and then i go back on NFC menu the tree goes back to the NFC parent/initial directory instead of going to the directory where the last file that was opened was.

RFID system works fine (as expected) but on NFC it doesn’t.

This is an issue when for example experimenting with several files /UIDs / Cards stored on a sub-folder because when changing from one to the other the flipper goes back to the start of the tree directory and if the files are inside several sub-folders one have to browse to those folders again each time one wants to test a new file inside the same sub-folder…

Hope that this can be fixed. Thanks.

I feel like this happens in subghz as well.

Did you manage to solve it?

Waiting for the dev team to fix it. As alternative one can use the flipper file explorer, at least on my firmware distro it works wthout the mentioned issue.