Request/Question for SkorP :

Hi there. I did notice that universal remotes like the scimagic v15 can generate keeloq codes for many manufacturers that Flipper can’t. For example i can clone some keeloq remotes to a scimagic universal remote and it will correctly generate the next keeloq rolling code on some brands that flipper can’t. Flipper will detect the generated code with read but will show count of 0000 and manufact. is unknown,
Wouldn’t it be possible for you guys to buy a very cheap remote like this and decompile the code on it to retrieve more manufacturer keeloq keys so that they can be added later to flipper to increase the support for keeloq remotes ? Thanks

could if you give the firmware from this remote

I can give you a remote like that, very cheap on ebay. I don’t think that i can extract the firmware from it myself. I can take a look but i don’t think it will be as easy as read an eeprom to dump the firmware. Most likely it’s embeded on MCU i will have to open the universal remote to see if i can get to the firmware,

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so you’ll tell) but with high-resolution photographs and what was visible markings of parts

It’s a UNIVERSAL remote so photos would not help to extract Keeloq keys (several of them for all manufactures it would support) from the eeprom…

Ok, here you have it :

Those are universal and very cheap and do cointain KeeLoq keys (manufacturer) that Flipper doesn’t have …

I can’t do anything with those chips on the remote so i can’t extract firmware from the remote to analyze…

If it’s possible to extract the firmware of those I don’t mind to send one for you so that you can extract the keys… I don’t have any way to dump the firmware on those …

here you are me out of the blue BUT! what should I see in this photo 2 squares of Malevich?

but even by these black squares, correlating sizes, mutual position, phase of the moon. I can assume that this is STM8L151G4 (right) CC1101 (left). no, I could not merge the firmware from STM8L, it still does not lend itself to me. if anyone has information on how to do this (or rather, he did it himself, I can google it myself) or has the firmware itself, then I beg you to write to me

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I can send you one of those remotes if you want, they are very cheap on ebay and very popular …

i have something like

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Ok … Maybe there are other ways to get more KeeLoq manufacturer keys … Hope that you can get some and implement that on flipper,

Ok, I have another duplicator for KeeLoq. It’s noname, but baseboard says LOLYZS_RF4KEY_COPY_V6.
The main SMD is FMD B1e8RME.
I also have Apollo Jolly and IronLogic IL100.

this one just records the raw signal and plays it back

OK than here it is IL100 from IronLogic.

The chip is HCS301

IL100 от IronLogic.
must be supported, the manufacturing key for this system is in the flipper

But it can’t be saved, only in raw format.

All variables are present as I can see. So I don’t understant why.

Security reasons. Saving/sending of dynamic codes is not allowed on official firmware.

Who can share the first four bytes of man code IL100 (in PM)?

this information is not distributed