Return button stopped working

Return button on my Flipper stopped working, other buttons work fine.
I can control the screen from qFlipper or mobile app and the virtual return button works there.
I have flashed the latest official firmware (0.77.1 at the moment of writing).
I have disassembled the Flipper, lifted the metal dome on the membrane switch and cleaned it with compressed air. I have also lifted the metal dome on a working button to compare the view and they looked identical, e.g. no damages or foreign objects.
Inspecting the surrounding area on PCB with a microscope didn’t reveal any manufacturing defects (missing solder, cracks, contamination, corrosion, etc.)
Please advice how to bring it back to life.

In addition to the above:

  1. Holding the Left button alone (no other buttons pressed) the device goes into reboot.
  2. Holding the Return button for ~17-19 seconds does something and the device flashes the LED and reboots (?) going to the main screen
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This sounds like a faulty SMD component in the button’s circuit. Please contact [email protected] for further assistance.