RFID Extender

Is it possible for flipper zero to have an extended range (more than the usual range) to detect RFID cards?

Yes it’s possible but it’s a big project and very impractical. The type of RFID the Flipper does is intended to work at very short distances. With the right external modules and large antenna the range could probably be extended to a couple feet unobstructed.

So what would be the right Modules and Antenna? also, what I really need it for, is for a distance of only 5 inches to a foot.

Have a look at this. I don’t believe they are going to get much smaller. This build should be modifiable to work with a Flipper if you don’t mind some coding.

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Do you have anything compact for me to offer that can go up to a foot? The one you showed is too big for me and too complicated, I don’t want to build anything. Anything ready you can offer me?

I do not and that’s why the first thing I said was:

This form of RFID (LF)was meant for very short distances. The further you want to go the bigger the receiver must be.