RFID FOB for dormakaba E-Plex 7900


The Apartment I live in has at the unit door, dormakaba E-Plex 7900 RFID door locks. I have a user keyfob for the lock and have attempted to copy user keyfob and detect reader using the Flipper Zero. Upon Emulation, dormakaba E-Plex 7900 does not register anything. As a Noob, any insight on the steps or what is needed for me to emulate or copy to another fob my user keyfob as a backup key upon being locked out after hours?

Reading technical brochures, appears there is proprietary software the apartment management logs into to either create or copy keyfobs to the unit, can also control access based on apartment location and date range.

dormakaba E-Plex 7900
Programming & Audit Trail
E-Plex 7900 RFID is a BLE enabled Grade 1 electronic lockset offering more compatibility. With variable models each designed to function with a designated list of credential types, E-Plex 7900 can be trusted in many access control environments. The E7900 offers wireless door sensing capabilities and allows for real-time commands such as emergency lockdown. E-Plex 7900 integrates with a suite of dormakaba products to provide complete facility access control.

  • E-Plex 7900 functions in both wireless and offline mode with Keyscan Aurora
  • E-Plex E7900 functions in offline mode only with Keyscan LUNA.

Programming Command Card
Command card set matching card technology of lock ordered is required to be purchased separately to program all locks with that same card technology (not included with lock)