RFID For Texecom Premiere Alarm System

I have a Texecom Premiere Elite house alarm that has an RFID reader with tags to arm / disarm the alarm. I tried using Flipper to read the configured tags and it does nothing. However I have a spare tag that isn’t configured on the alarm panel. When I scan this it comes up as (I’ve obfuscated the data)

EM4100 [EM-Micro]
FC: 065, Card: 12345

Does anyone know how I might scan a configured tag? I’ve tried 125Ghz RFID and also NFC.


Enabvle DEBUG, do READ RAW on 125 Khz app and send the filles to @Astra to see if support for your specific card can be implemented.

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Thanks I’ll see if it will read them using the RAW, just seemed odd that they work fine when not registered to the Alarm panel.