RFID tag 125khz not reading

I have a RFID keyring claimed to be 125khz from the manufacturer and its not reading the tag.
Maker is Pujol although it can be only the sticker.
Forum doesnt alow me to upload the file, can @Astra help me out?

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I’m a bit confused. How did you get a file to upload if you can’t read the tag? Did you mean an image? If so you could upload it to imgur or other image hosting website and link it. Can you give us a link to the manufacturer or seller at least?

Hi, I got a file from rfidraw reading .
link to the keyring in manufacturer web : http://www.automatismospujol.es/arxiusdb/jpg/articles/114_principal.jpg

I don’t see an option rfidraw reading. What firmware are you on and where is that option?

It’s on official, but make sure to turn debug on.

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@maqumih Thanks!

@e21fury You might be able to upload the sub now that you posted a couple times and your account isn’t brand new.

This is all I’ve found. Nothing really useful.
Reference P9CTRL0060

still permision denied from the sysop, says
Can I do something about?


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You could put in on Google Drive and share it that way with a link.

Pack it into a ZIP. They are allowed without further inspection.

Hi, sorry for the delay.
I have uploaded the raw file to drive, this is

Thanks for supporting!

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