Rollease Acmeda 433.92mhz roller blind remote (FCC 2AGGZMT0201014)

See FCC IDs VYY-DD5700 and 2AGGZMT0201014

Rollease (799.5 KB)

Hi all,
This is a remote control for a roller blind. Probably also sold under the “Dooya” brand.

I am unsure if my RTL-SDR captures are any good, but I have had quite a time trying to get this remote emulated.
I believe it is FSK but am not 100% sure.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

GFSK capture will not work with select mode (

I was also unable to replay raw captures.

Could you please elaborate? Does this mean the signal is completely unsupported by the CC1101 or that I need to find a different way to capture it?

in the mode that RAW works, it can receive only AM and FM modulations, gfsk and msk modulations can only be received in burst mode, to configure it you need to know all the signal parameters, bit rate, preamba, synchronization word, deviation, number of bits in the packet … … etc

I have this roll ease unit too. Would like to use it, will there be support for burst modes in the future. For instance if you have the original remote one could decode the parameters needed?

batch mode support has been around for a long time, see cli subghz chat. it is only necessary to write the correct preset, but from where to get the parameters for this, the question is.

I was hoping my capture would be enough to get the correct parameters

Did anyone ever figure this out? I have this remote: It is also sold under the brand name AUTOMATE Push5 Remote, which is what I have.

This is the main reason I grabbed a flipper, actually! I’m happy to take any readings that would be required, @SkorP

These blind remotes are fairly common, FWIW.

I do not know how to add protocols by photo and system names

Sure. Can you give an example commit or PR where a new protocol was added?

What information is required? What can I capture with Universal Radio Hacker to help?

Is there any updates on this?

It would be nice to get this working.

Hi. Did you ever figure this out? I just got my Flipper and was also trying to emulate my AUTOMATE Push5 Remote, until I came across this post. Thanks.

No, it needs someone with an RTLSDR and more skills with Universal Radio Hacker.