Rolling code remote

does the Flipper Zero support cloning of 433 MHz rolling code remotes? I need it to emulate the remote of my garage door, it just broke and they want to make me pay 50 euros for that POS.

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Read: reads and decodes signals based on known protocols. If the protocol is static, Flipper Zero saves the signal.

See: Sub-GHz - Flipper Zero - Documentation

The Flipper does not support save of not static signals. Based on this fact, you can’t send a rolling code signal.
This won’t change. It is not a technical constraint, it is a legal question. Regardless of you own this specific door, Flipper can’t provide this function for all doors.

But as it is open source, feel free to extend the functionality by yourself.

Strictly speaking, it is a technical constraint too. Replaying, editing, reencrypting rolling codes is a good way to lock yourself out.

You can’t clone that remote but you might be able to emulate a new remote if the protocol is one Flipper supports.

I found a GitHub project that supports rolling codes but it does not yet support my door model. Thank you everyone!
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