Safe way to debug while altering firmware?

I’m not so well versed in hardware hacking, so I’ve been having some difficulty figuring out if the dev boards I keep seeing mentioned are what I’m looking for, or if they’re for more of the custom hardware function side of things. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to debug firmware modifications besides flashing to the device and potentially bricking it?

The flipper is my first real dive into C, but I’ve got decent experience in a variety of other languages and what I’ve done so far mostly makes sense. However after having to recover the device from testing some apparently faulty code, it made me wonder if there was a better approach. Essentially, is there a way to emulate the device for debugging to see if the firmware even boots?

Thanks for any insight you all can provide!

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I’m not aware of a better option then testing directly on the Flipper. My understanding is the Flipper is pretty robust from a recovery standpoint as long as you leave the radio stack alone. The official devboards primary function is helping to debug.

Thank you for the info! It’s good to know that the flipper is pretty easy to recover from firmware issues on and that I didn’t just get lucky when recovering it. I’ll proceed as before then and keep testing on the device itself.

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