Samsung TV HDMI switching

Im looking for the IR codes for a Samsung TV to switch HDMI. I believe it exists as my Harmony remote can switch the HDMI port (Manually choosing the HDMI port, not a button to just switch the source)

Anyone know how to do that?

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Look here.

With default read and create remote application features, cloning a button works perfect also saving it as a command to replay, also tried it with multiple other models of same brand and it seems to overlap on a lot of other samsung models, so yeah samsung tv’s seem to be supported well.

But i guess the harmony remote is also just cloning a command? But for harmony specific support, i know i sound like a prick now, but they actually have or, at least had, it has been a while…epic support guys working on these remotes to make everything compatible,and apparently support for these things is better then calling about broken webcams, so if you take the effort to actually ask them, you could end up finding some interested support guys that will offer you all they can, just so they have 15 more minutes to put on you as a customer. so if you need some extra config options , i think a lot of it is already done by Logitech them selves, and if you do not mind calling the support they can even send you crafted ones or even give links to do it yourself, but they did have some cool support guys back in the day when they just released. their all in one remotes on multiple bands , without checking i bet they left a lot of that behind so it should not be to hard to craft harmony configs to support your devices.

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I’m not sure you can count on “epic support guys” from them for the remotes anymore. People were EXTREMELY disappointed.

Logitech has decided that the universal remote market is just too niche to continue and it’s a surprising if not heartbreaking conclusion coming from the one company that actually nailed it.
Aug 5, 2021

Thanks for the reminder, now i also remember the squeezebox audio player thingy stopped most services, and suddenly radio went down, finding out it was just gone and only other option was running a local iis thingy so you could add your local music or manage remote playlists, it kinda worked but it was not really nice for the average end-user and turned out to be vulnerable to a lot of attacks like static db credentials, system account acces cause db service was not so secure, so for most default configs instant acces and with lovely ppnp options so everybody can have a peek, wonderfull software :slight_smile: time goes fast.