Screen backlight issue

Have just received my flipper and updated to latest firmware. The backlight does not appear to be working even on 100% brightness in settings. Any ideas?


Did it never lit from the beginning ? Or did it go out at random, after drop? I never had any issues with the screen so far or the backlight but did it occur after a software update? Maybe accidental RGB fw or something like that? Not sure if that could cause something like this?

No it was never working, and was updated from the desktop software. Randomly today it did flash on for a second but then proceeded to not work again.

That is kinda weird, does it flash on if you shake it?(wondering if there is a physical problem with a soldering spot) If you need staff for assistance I think the chance of spotting someone active is bigger on the FZ discord.

The correct option under ‘Settings - LCD and Notification’ is “LCD Backlight”. If set to 0% it is off.

i’ve now tried shaking it and just generally moving it about incase of a physical issue like you suggested, but no luck here either… thank you for that suggestion, i’ll head over to discord!