Screen off and restart possible only with LEFT+BACK after my daughter messed the flipper up

Yesterday my 7-year-old daughter was fiddling with the flipper, pushing buttons around. After that, I found the flipper’s screen off. It was not responding to normal buttons.

I thought she exhausted the battery. I plugged in the charger, but the charge light never turned on.

I managed to reboot with LEFT+BACK.

The flipper booted up and showed the usual screen. However, when I pressed CENTER, it was starting the snake game. I figured out that I needed to switch into “Brainiac” mode by pressing RIGHT and selecting this mode.

Then I found out that my all saved RFID keys were deleted. I find it unlikely that my daughter was deleting the keys one by one. As I do regular syncing with the phone app, I had the backup of all keys and restored them successfully.

HOWEVER, when I decided to update to the latest firmware 0.82.3 using the phone app, I noticed a strange behavior.

The update has been pushed from the phone to the flipper. Then the screen turned off. When I rebooted with LEFT+BACK, the screen turned back on, it showed the update messages and the progress bar. After a few update messages, the progress bar filled up, and the screen turned off again. I had to press LEFT+BACK again, and it booted up finally.

To double check, I ran the Flipper OS reboot. The screen turned off and didn’t turn back on. Again, LEFT+BACK helped boot back into the OS, and all was functional again.


  • what may be the technical cause of such a behavior, when a reboot only works via LEFT+BACK?
  • how do I fix this to make flipper boot normally again?
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With the Flipper turned off eject the SD card and put it back in. That’s the only physical thing I can think of your daughter may have messed up. Then run “Benchmark SD card” to make sure it’s working properly or maybe even format it. Then you can do a restore since you backed up your keys.

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Thanks, this seems about right, because I found the SD card stuck in the slot. Interesting is that the flipper can still find the SD card and runs the benchmark successfully.
I’ll try to eject and clear insert it back.

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