Script control commands (IF, WHILE etc)

Is there any info when Flipper BadUsb will support the extended RubberDucky script commands for conditional statements etc? See here: DuckyScript™ Quick Reference | USB Rubber Ducky

Primarily, WHILE loops.

The Flippers BadUSB implementation is a DuckySkript version 1.

I’ve heard this is not a technical limitation, more a licensing issue.

And an official statement says the are planning to replace DuckySkript with JS. See:

Maybe also interesting: flipperzero-firmware/applications/system/js_app/examples/apps/Scripts/badusb_demo.js at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

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Yes, many thanks, I’ve seen this announcement. But the JS approach doesn’t currently seem to support loops either. To say nothing about when they will deliver it. I am now more prone to implementing my own ducky script for Flipper.