Sd card wont go in flipper zero

i bought a brand new flipper zero of joom and the sd card wont go in. My other one fitted perfectly.
So i contacted joom and they told me to make a thread.
I am also running the latest flipper zero firmware. Could anyone help. Im still in warranty if their is no fix.
I would get a refund oor a new one .

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Go here and verify you are installing it correctly.

If that doesn’t help can you show us some pictures of it with the SD card? It would be good to verify the SD card is correct and not out of specification.

hi the sd card wont stay in.
i have read and gone through everything and doesnt work.

I have a brand new 34gb sd car sandisk

here is the photo. sorry if its blurry

I have a little bit of trouble getting mine in. I have to use something to push it in until I hear the click. Maybe that’s your trouble too. It goes in a little bit deeper then some other devices and a finger is too fat.

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i hear the click but once i let go it comes out again.

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Please try using a credit card (or something similar) to push it further in.

If that didn’t help, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.


I have the same issue, I hear the click but it never stays in despite pushing really hard

Yep this just happened for me too. No longer even clicks, I hadn’t taken out my SD in a while too. I’ve had the Flipper for a little over a year.