Hi there,

I was wondering if support will be added or considered for the Flipper for copy/emulate/write functions?

It’s a 125khz Fob and can be copied to T5577 tags. I own a rysccorp proxmark kit and can provide additional data if needed.

Thank you!


Does flipper read this tag at all with the latest version of the firmware ?
If NOT make sure that the debug tools are turned on in the settings and do a READ RAW on the fob. Post the file here (that filler saves to the sd card) so that flipper team can analyze and implement support for your fob. But FIRST read here :

The flipper managed to grab a successful raw capture. Where can I send it to the devs I’d rather do that directly than post them here on a public forum.

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You can PM @Astra


Awesome. Thank you!

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Hey, I have the same tag and I was wondering if you managed to duplicate it

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I have the same issue. The flipper can read the raw data. I have two files: RfidRecord.ask.raw and RfidRecord.psk.raw. 39 and 37k respectively. How do I interpret the data in them? The files start with “RIFL” followed by binary data.

@Astra, is this your area of expertise?

Literally just got the flipper yesterday so only thing on it is updated firmware.

The RFID option > 125 kHz RFID > Read > read my fob and gave me the fob number with ability to emulate it and I had success in testing.