Send sub file via gpio trigger for quicker prototyping

Hi, I’m wondering if it is possible, and if so how, to use the flipper gpio pins to trigger sending a sub file?

The reason I ask: this would be a great way to rapid prototype a controller - eg capture signal, save and use controller to send sub file based on controller logic using sensor data and RTC.

I suppose this could be used with other signal types but my current project is sub-ghz.

Would you have to create a flipper app that has sub file paths and gpio assignments to use the flipper this way or is the a better approach?

If a micro controller is involved I’d use serial to talk to Flipper.

Is it possible to send a serial command to flipper subghz app that would send a saved file? Or would this require a specialized app watching for serial commands to then send file that defined in custom app?

I looked around forum and examples and did not see anything like what I am trying to achieve.

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Check this out.

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