Sending F0 to Argentina

Hi! I bought my f0 in July, 2023.

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have my device in Orlando, at a friend’s place, and I want to send it to my country. I understand it could be a problem at customs, and I’m looking here for some kind of suggestion. Do you know any similar situation? Do you think I could send it by mail without problems? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!


Just mail it as a gift, portable game console or whatever, why would it be a problem ? With the factory firmware it should meet local requirements , but i have ordered other hardware described as a wireless receiver, that had a bunch of antenna’s for other purposes but it never caused a problem. It’s not like they are actually gonna try to read documentation about random products sent trough customs.

If you order “signal generators” on known Asian platforms, those devices , for testing purpose are not illicit by themselves, but they have potential illicit uses, back 10 years ago nobody cared, but even nowadays, if you do not put “shady hardware” on the label its not like they will actually function-test devices on border checks. So as long as you do not plan to sent out or receive controlled substances i think you will be fine.

Hey! Thank you very much for your response.

A few months ago here in my country the F0 reach the news because they arrested a gang of scammers and smugglers and found a device in their possession. So from time to time a news program talks about F0 as a tool for hackers and etc., you know what I mean. That’s where my fear comes from, that it will be detained at some customs control or that it won’t reach me.

Yeah, it’s the tiktok/youtube generation , where they found a lock with some retro princeton fire and forget stuff on a chinese e-scooter, and make a video of a tesla charging port opening and suddenly everybody thinks it’s the end tier key from the dragon chest.

I think in the beginning some holdups where common but i have not hear/read about recent shipping issues, maybe just the talk hype again cause canada’s paranoid idea’s? But i think in most parts they start to realize its actually more like a mordern version of a swiss army knife.

LoL yes, I understand perfectly. Thanks for the ideas, I agree. I thought perhaps someone from the forum could also know from personal experience about shipping specifically to Argentina. thanks again!