Sending IR signal periodically for camera shutter control


I can’t seem to find it and it would be nice for me :slight_smile:

Is there an app that could send an IR signal every 5 minutes (or any other time)?

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I’m not aware of anything like that at this time. Are you trying to do a time lapse? That would be an interesting use of the Flipper.

Exactly :slight_smile:

May be you can code an script in Python, using this cli wrapper GitHub - wh00hw/pyFlipper: Unoffical Flipper Zero cli wrapper written in Python. You can use a Raspi or a laptop to run the script, with the Flipper Zero connected through USB.

I know that you are looking for IR, but in the meantime I suggest you this project that I found on Github: GitHub - theageoflove/flipperzero-zeitraffer: simple timelapse app for Flipper Zero

It uses a wire to connect to the camera, but schematics are very simple and maybe can be useful for you. (not tested, but it’s on my agenda)

sure, but my A6400 doesn’t have input like this. But perhaps I can hack the code to use IR signal instead of wire.

Interesting idea, but if I have a PC or Rasberry Pi I can just connect to camera with USB

If you are considering alternatives I suggest an ESP micro controller. You can get one cheap with IR already built in.

I’ve made an intervalometer for my phone using Bluetooth, it’s working but very basic as it was my first project for my FZ. I was planning on making one using IR for my DSLR, it should work the same way but I guess every model of camera has a different set of commands so it’ll be difficult to make it universal…

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Well, you can just use the code for IR remote, just add loop on timer. Maybe it would work?

I had an idea about how that would work. To make it universal the app would look for a .ir file with the IR codes.

Here is a post about my app, with .fap and source. Still room for improvement but I’ll work on something with IR soon.

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Great, I just was going to make this app, at some point, later, soon.

Thanks for sharing! I’m sure I can learn something by looking at your code.