Serial port failed

I was putting files on my Flipper zero from and it failed because it could not access serial port. Then i tried to troubleshoot this issue but noticed now my Flipper zero does not show up on my windows when i connect it via usb anymore. I think it might be from changing the firmware from Released to developer. how do i fix my flipper zero?

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Thank you but i have tried this already and still have issue with serial port.
I might just buy another Flipper Zero im so frustrated

Try reverting the firmware to a previous release. Use the app on a phone via bluetooth if you can.
Download a previous build on your phone.
Open the Flipper app.
Near the top you will see “update channel”
Select “custom”
Upload the file you downloaded.

Alternately press Down Left Up on the Flipper. Look for a folder named updates. There are recovery files in there.

What does this mean? The system is doesn’t see any device when you connect a device to PC? You try both Serial and DFU modes? Have you try this Troubleshooting drivers on Windows - Flipper Zero - Documentation

Please show the dmesg log when connecting device to Linux machine.

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I was and AM having the same issues. I have found that if I close out some programs running in the background “Game First VI” (A program that optimizes programs for gaming), I can then reboot my Flipper and then connect. I think that “Game First” is trying to optimize the connection. OR it could be a browser setting. (I use Chrome)