Shark Tooth Fobs

Hey guys and girls

I’ve never played with anything like all this stuff before. I have a shark tooth key fob seen in the link below. I’m looking to clone the fob and others just like it if possible. My issue is that I have no idea what the fob is other than being called a Shark Tooth Fob and being 125KHZ.

I’ve tried the scanner in the link below, this didn’t work but I wasn’t overly keen on installing their software to possible decrypt anything as I know nothing of it, couldn’t find reviews or any knowledge on the creators.

My question is would a Flipper Zero be able to read this kind of fob, and be able to clone them on blanks with minimal effort?

Thank you so much for any and all support I receive.

Key Fob: Shark Tooth Fob | CAME KMS

RFID Scanner:

The flipper can read the 125 kHz RFID, and can emulate. It should have the ability to write, though I personally haven’t used that function yet.

Unless they have something special blocking it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

If the chip in the fob is encrypted, would flipper be able to brute force it?

Some 125khz tags aren’t rewriteable at all and last I knew there were still some rewritable tags the Flipper can’t write. I think all the 125khz encryption methods are pretty much busted but I’m not sure if they are all implemented on the Flipper.

My biggest concern if you do manage to copy this tag is the audit trail. The big selling point of these readers is that they are networked. I wouldn’t be surprised if cloned tags along with the original that got cloned ended up getting banned. It might not be a problem if you did one or two but if you made ten copies of a single key that might light up the audit trail and get them flagged.

Low frequency (besides hitag) aren’t encrypted. It’s just wiegand data sent in the raw from tag to reader.

Which makes the job of adding compatibility easier, for fobs that don’t currently scan on the flipper and are definitely 125khz all you need to do is add the wiegand format to the flippers code which then tells the flipper how to identify the recieved data and what it means and what chipset it is

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So basically try it and see then? XD

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If you have a Flipper and the Fob there is no downside to trying to clone it that I can see. It’s only if you pass out cloned copies that you might have an issue. I wouldn’t try to write to the original tag either. You don’t want to accidentally mess it up.