Shipping delays


I ordered a flipper on January 23th and still waiting for the order to be shipped !

Good luck, I ordered mine on the 29th the label was created on the 31st it was shipped on the 3rd and update stopped as of the 7th

And you still haven’t received it ?

Not received it, flipper said “it might be lost” and had me reconfirm my address. But I have not heard anything since I sent them my address again. I have had more communication with USPS who states they never received a package then I have had with flipper.

That really sucks.
Did you ask for a refund?

No I have not asked for a refund. I was giving flipper a chance to correct the situation but since there seems to be no communication I’m going to have to look into having a chargeback on my credit card I’ve also received communication from the USPS fraud waste and abuse department but I have not responded yet as I was giving flipper a chance

It’s simply scandalous, I hope the situation will be resolved.
It’s obvious that they’re in it for the money and that they don’t give a damn about customer service.

Here it is

I think the other commenters Flipper was actually lost but mine took a couple weeks to arrive and tracking updates were horrible. I had a similarly tracking experience with an international order from someone else just recently. It took well over a week before I started getting updates on that order. In both cases it seems my orders were moving through the system but tracking was way behind.

I ordered on the Jan. 18th and still waiting as well. The order should be send from The Netherlands and that shouldn’t take that long to reach my address. But this is crazy and I do hope that Flipper Devices will start with taking their responsibility and make sure that orders get delivered in time!

I finally got it yesterday. It took about 3-4 weeks to be shipped and delivered.

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