Shipping not happening

Welp, ordered my flipper. Lable created Dec 31. Notified received by CA distro center on 3rd.
Everything looked on time until 7th. When it stopped updating. I finally called USPS and after they looked into it given that it was now the 14th, when they finally did their research and everything they said all the updates available by the tracking number where system generated and that no actual package has ever been scanned and that there is no package in the system. It is now the 22nd and there is no shipping updates the tracking number still shows last updated on the 7th and USPS says they are not in possession of a package it is all system generated. Kind of wondering now if it was ever sent and if I’m ever going to get this stuff.

That is a long time in my opinion. That said if you live in the US and ordered through the official store the company that fulfills the orders(OSMWorldwide) are pretty lousy at tracking from what I have seen. USPS doesn’t actually receive the package until just before it arrives at your door. That doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving through the network though. Many of us have seen our packages appear to be stuck somewhere only to get a flurry of activity.

Where did you order you Flipper from? Did you use an official link from the Flipper website?

Yes I ordered it from the official website. It’s funny that you say they use a different shipper because the very first status update from the tracking number provided by USPS was that it was accepted at a distribution center in California.

The fulfillment company is in California. I would guess it said something like received by “shipping partner”. It’s as if they have your package hitchhike with anyone going in your states general direction. Then it will be received by the main USPS distribution center in your state. USPS only handles what they call “last mile” delivery.

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No third party was mentioned at all it states it arrived at the origin facility and accepted at the USPS origin facility. All the other updates only mentioned that it was moving it through the system and the updates stopped at the 7th which was one day before the projected delivery time. It has not updated since. The status update show the label was created on December 31st and that it had both been arriving and accepted by the USPS origin facility on the 3rd. As of today we have passed the threshold that flipper zero says the package is lost and the USPS has communicated that there was never a package.

That is very strange. Perhaps your credit card company can do something because it really sounds like your package is gone.

I had submitted all the forms and everything to flipper zero, we shall see if they respond as this is the second business day since I submitted it we’ll see what the company does as they are the ones who have it insured. I am really interested to see how it pans out as I have the official communication from the USPS that the package never existed.

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Three weeks since last shipping update, five business days since reported to flipper. Still nothing. The USPS has gotten back to me twice the past week, but still nothing from flipper. 26 days since lable created, 19 days since last shipping update, 5 business days since report.

Still waiting…

Received communication from flipper indicating that it has been lost they asked me to reverify my address to possibly send replacements haven’t heard anything back after replying to it…yet

I hope you get your Flipper soon! It’s been lot’s of fun for many of us.

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No further communication after I sent the confirmation of my mailing address. But here’s the funny thing given the nature of my inquiry with the USPS I have received communication from their fraud, waste, and abuse division. Given the time frames of everything and how long it takes to get any sort of communication I fear that I have lost my money and will have to contact my credit card for possible charge back. I have the case number for the communication from USPS saying they never received a package. So far 22days since last tracking update, 26 days since mailing, 30 days since lable creation.

after reaching out on the Discord (and if you have not, it’s the place to be)
i have learned that communication takes up to 7 days each e-mail back and forth,
the warehouse is absolutely swamped, and things are crazy.
but all hope is not lost,
flipper has reached out and indicated they are reshipping.
it will be a couple days before it gets dispatched but it’s in the pipe.
thank you Wr3nch
thank you Fedor
i would recommend that you include as much info as you can per e-mail to cut down the back and forth.
include order numbers, any ticket numbers, and tracking numbers you might have in each e-mail
the way it works is they get from the que, address what ever they can then get the next in line…this leads to up to 7 days for back and forth communication as your response “gets back in line”
try your best to give as much info (not ranting) to minimize and hopefully get it all in one shot.
allow time for research and other departments as well.
there is time lag, we all just have to deal with it :slight_smile:
i hope this helps somebody.

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Glad you’re having some luck. I must say I haven’t seen the mod activity we used to see in these forums.

Well if what I am told is true, then they are absolutely swamped and probably have way too many things on their plate. That’s why I recommended the discord server if you can use it. Increases in orders increases in Warehouse use and a drastic increase in communication requests. They did tell me that they are looking to expand the team in just communication.
The reason I recommended the discord server is that you may get answers from other people not necessarily from a staff member. They have several people assisting them with the discord and a lot of the low-level stuff is addressed there. Also there seems to be a lot more community activity on the discord server than there is on the forums

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This is a housemade issue.

I have something around 5 well worded posts to answer requests here, that needs to be approved by the mods.
I can imagine some people won’t be motivated enough to write again if the mods are not interested enough to release a post, at which you even don’t know what is blocking.

I would rather have a good thread here than on discord. Much easier over time zones around the world.


Posts not getting approved in a timely fashion is starting to wear thin given I have no idea why they are flagged in the first place. It has made me reconsider my participation here. Discord is too ephemeral for my taste. That basically leaves Reddit as a decent option.

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