Simple RFID Fuzzer using a List of card values

First off, I’m new and I’m really loving the flipper. 2nd, please don’t flame me if the answer is obvious. I spent some time looking at the forums and the apps catalog and am not seeing what I’m wanting to discuss. That being said, I feel like I have to be overlooking it because it should be stupid simple.

I’m playing with hid cards and it’s working well, I can scan them and even create my own. The RFID Emulate function only uses one card at a time. Has someone created a way to read a list of card values and replay them with a few second interval between attempts to allow the system to time out? I feel like this should already exist but I can’t find anything. I’m looking for a “hydra -P” in place of the “hydra -p” that the built in app does.

Thanks for any info.

Update, from what i’ve been able to find so far, it looks like there was an app called RFID fuzzer that no longer shows up in the store. Based on Youtube vidoes, this app looks like it would do what I’m asking about.

Disregard this request, I found RFID fuzzer on and installed it form there. I also found a potential bug. I had also installed RFID detector. With that installed under tools, RFID Fuzzer would not show up until I removed RFID Detector. Once I did, it showed up in the list on the device and I was able to use it.

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Looks like you found your answer. Have fun!

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