Ski Pass card (Epic Pass) - NFC-V? UHF?

i’m interested in duping, emulating, or otherwise experimenting with my Ski Pass. It’s of particular interest to me as it appears quite different than the LF (RFID 125khz) and HF (NFC 13.56 Mhz) internals we are used to seeing on cards that interact with the flipper. I havent been able to get the flipper to read it at all.

I wasnt able to find any solid info online, but some speculation that it is NFC-V, or UHF. I can attest that they are scanned from relatively far away (a few feet), with handheld scanner guns like you see used in supermarkets by staff and vendors, except there is a weird duckbill thing on the front.

I’ve attached some backlit photos of the card internals, perhaps an antenna in an X pattern? no discernable chip from what i can see. notice the little “((RF))” logo in the bottom right

EDIT: looks like i cant put photos directly into a post? so here’s a cloud link, click the preview to browse all the pics of internals:

i’ve blurred the picture and barcode for privacy

heres a pic of the scanner gun:

That would sound unusual to me. Willing to do a test? Assuming you can get more I suppose.

yes, it appears quite unusual - can you see my photos of the card internals?

I’m not yet willing to destroy this pass as it is a spare from last year and may still work on the ski hill this season - I’m going to wait until December and find out. by that time I’ll be able to print new ones at the resort… right now in the off-season, lengthy mail order is the only option I believe.

Perfectly understandable. Possibly a future experiment. I’m not convinced the X is the antenna yet.

say more?

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An X would be unusual for an antenna. I wonder if there is something we aren’t seeing.

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is going to be hard in presence of manned scanners (as pictured). Best thing you may hope for is dumping the memory/ID of card and looking what’s stored. May count as

, though

yes, just reading the contents would be an exciting start! the consensus i’ve gotten on other forums and Vail’s website is that its almost certainly UHF. got any idea what i’d need to do this?


are main Flipper+UHF discussions. They mention some hardware and its related software.

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