UHF 860Mhz - 960Mhz Addon

Hey guys, I haven’t received my flipper yet but I have all ready ended up diving down a rabbit hole after seeing a post earlier today for UHF from u/anzianojackson on Reddit.

I have taken a look into a few different modules and Interfaces for UHF RFID, the one below is a USB-C plugin adapter.


Does anyone know If I could get this to work as a plugin usb-c module for the flipper

The other alternative plan is I go the direct route with the actual module itself below and go direct from UART on the module and make a custom port to slot on the top from the dev board slot on the top. Fareastsun 0-15 Meters 4 Ports Uhf Rfid Long Range Reader Writer Modules - Buy Uhf Rfid Reader 860mhz-960mhz Module,Long Range Passive Rfid Reader Module,Uhf Long Distance Rfid Reader Module Product on Alibaba.com

Also would anyone be interested in helping create either a custom firmware or pointing me in the right direction to help create an add on for the flipper? I feel this project is possible and should be open source so its available for all (duh.)

End goal is to add a UHF selection on the menu screen when the plugin is enabled and anyone can either purchase the USBC Module and plug it in and off you go or alternatively going through a process of purchasing the modules creating a custom board and add on pack for the actual flipper from the actual standalone module itself, as well as putting all the documentation in a public area so anyone can replicate it.

Any Suggestions or directions to take this are much appreciated so we can all feed our flippers those extra frequencies.

(I have purchased a standard USB UHF Read/writer from aliexpress so shipping will be a while, once it arrives I am going to use a USB to USBC OTG Adapter to see what I can get out of my flipper when that too arrives. My shipping hasn’t locked yet , so Im guessing Im still waiting as Im in the UK, but I am keen to start working on this when both arrive!)


The Type-C route is not viable, as the Flipper can’t act as a USB host, only as a peripheral

The UART module should work, though it would require a lot of effort to get working.


Cool! That’s mainly what I wanted to know- which route to go and also if the device could act as a host :slightly_smiling_face: thanks @Astra looks like I’m going to be invesing in a module next payday :joy:

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Thanks again @Astra I have taken the route of getting a devboard tester kit specifically this one.
this should give me the ability to get it setup on a breadboard and reroute the pins how i need also I did purchase a standalone module as i really want to avoid further down the line paying another $40 for shipping.
THE RACE IS NOW ON will i get my devboard first or will I get my flipper first :smiley: haha
I think my backer order is in the early 2000’s however unfortunately its not being shiped like that so imm just on the UK Waiting list Fingers crossed.
I do know however I dint get a flipper dev kit unfortunately so I will probly get some GPIO Headers and a bunch of hot glue for my addon. :smiley:


receive Flipper
receive F-MM01T
identify UART RX /TX commands.
If the dev board arrives before flipper then start debugging with standard USB to UART and familiarise self with console commands for the device.
Identify reading codes for UHF devices - Working Frequency: 902~928 MHz (US) or 865~868MHz (EU)
Learn how to write to tags.

Its worth noting that some of these tags much like NFC have the ability to ensure that writing cant be done unless a password is specified.

search among the forum (here) on how to develop my own addon.
Create a new addon in the menu for 860/960Mhz read/ writer / cloner.
identify ways to store the read codes like the other menu’s
ability to store and write to new tags and or modify existing tags.

This has a long way to go and I know I will really need to do my research, however as I know its an achievable goal I feel that I may have the drive to push it.
If anyone else has any experience in any of the above criteria, please feel free to jump in :slight_smile:
As I stated Earlier Im starting off with the F-MM01T Dev board to break out so that is my official starting point.

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@Perciville — I just ordered a UHF RFID Reader/Writer from AliExpress so will be waiting for that to arrive whenever it decided to show up. If you’re in the US and need another device to test with, please let me know as I’d be happy to send/share it with you. Just PM me and we can go from there.

Any update ?

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any update?
As most of my cards are UHF cards, which I need to clone or copy

Hi guys, how is this going on, any update?

@hughker Hi, did you manage to make it work ?

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