Sniffraw.pcap files empty

Hello there,

I try the capture a handshake tram with marauder app, everything works great (scan AP, select AP, then sniff raw files) i can see plenty of lines created during the raw files captures on the flipper screen.

But i run an issue when i download the file (sniffraw_xxx.pcap) on the sd card the files are always empty (0 octets) so then i upload the files in wireshark he display nothing in the software.

If any one of you here had the same issue please let me know how i can fix it.


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You would get better help elsewhere. That’s not an officially supported feature and this is the official forum. I think this Discord server could better help you.

Hello @jmr and tks a lot for sharing me this link i’m gonna have a look !

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Hi bro, did you solve the problem? I’m finding the same too.: let me know something thank you very much