So i accidentally dropped my flipper... and my screen is just bunch of black dots and the screen also upside down


In communication for getting an answer it is helpful to ask a question (the sentence with the question mark at the end) instead of writing a statement.
Even if English is not the native language, there are a lot of translators available.

If you are lucky, the bump just caused the me or more loose soldering point.
If the screen is broken you need to wait until Flipper Devices will offer replacement parts in their shop.

In any case you need to open the case (see how to at iFixit) and check what is the cause. We can’t see it from a picture and a sentence.

Upside down is the display, when it is configured to left hand use in the settings. I don’t know if a hardware error can cause the orientation change, but I don’t think so.

Thank you, today will unscrew my flipper and see if all the parts are connected right.

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