[Solved] 315Mhz CAME 12-bit Issue

I’m new to subGhz and I’ve run into an issue that you all might have an idea about. I have some lights above my garage that have a Heath/Zenith lightswitch attached to them. They used to respond to a motion sensor that would transmit the commands to the switch. That sensor has long since succumbed to the elements.

I have recently obtained a Health/Zenith remote that works correctly to control my lights just like the motion sensor did, so long as I have the DIP switches set. The Flipper reads this remote on 315Mhz as CAME 12bit. Looking at the key and yek information, I’m guessing that these are fixed codes. However, I am not able to successfully emulate anything I have saved.

This is not critical, obviously, but does anyone have any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?
FWIW, I also am able to BinRaw capture something on 315Mhz on FM, but only when it’s set to BinRaw. It definitely happens on key-press, and is much more easily detected than the CAME 12bit.

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Have a look at this.

EDIT: I don’t see CAME 12 315. It’s likely static because the 433mhz version is static as you can see below.
CAME 12bit_433 433.92 Static

Do you get an error when you try to replay the code or nothing happens?

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Nothing happens. Edit: Nothing happens with the light. Flipper plays back the recording normally - it just doesn’t have any effect

I just fiddled with the remote some more and something odd happens. When I get a successful Read, sometimes it shows CAME and sometimes it shows Holtek_HT12X . The IDs are the same for the button I’m pressing, so I’ll have to test these out tomorrow. I’ll report back.

And to clarify, there’s no way to “pair” a remote to the receiver, other than to set a series of DIP switches on both the receiver and the remote.

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Solved. TR;DL: It’s Holtek_HT12X 12b on 310Mhz AM

More information. I was going by the frequency analyzer to tell me what frequency to try to Read on. It was telling me 315Mhz. However, after testing, I think the actual broadcast might be closer to 310Mhz, because when using that freq, capturing Holtek Reads is more reliable.

I don’t know why Flipper gets confused and often mistakes the signal for CAME 12 bit (I guess they’re very similar?), but with good Reads saved where they appear as Holtek, I can operate my lights remotely.

Edit: 315Mhz is better for transmission, even though it was hard to capture.


Full capture of all codes this system uses (as far as I can tell): flipperzero/subghz/Heath Zenith Light Switch at main · emptythevoid/flipperzero · GitHub


You may find that being a bit farther away from the device you are copying gets a better recording of the signal. Next time you could try holding the Flipper and the device arms length away from each other. One person said 8 feet was the sweet spot for his garage. It shouldn’t be an issue usually but there are devices that are very “noisy” due to poor design or manufacturing defect.