Sommer 4020

my flipper doesn’t work with my gate opener Sommer 4020.

Here’s the manufacturers link:

Technical data:
Model: 4020 TX03-868-4
Manufacturer reference: Y4020V000
Frequency: FM 868,800 MHz Somloq
Radio system: Somloq Rollingcode
Channel management: Somloq Rollingcode 434 / 868,8 MHz
Amount of buttons: 2
Programming: via registration with receiver
Battery: 3V (CR2032)
Measurements: 87 x 24 x 16 mm
Compatible universal remote control: SICE WHY EVO 20.0 RED WHITE


  • Recorded raw signal for each button (pressed 10 times)
  • Pictures of casing and circuit board

Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:
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btw: Discord won’t let me upload my images (.zip). It says, that I can’t upload more than 2 links as a new user :confused:


You can send the picture file as a reply here

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Here are the pictures: (3.9 MB)

Channel management: Somloq Rollingcode 434 / 868,8 MHz

Based on your description the remote/gate uses Rolling Codes so you will not be able to send the signal back with the flipper, at least NOT with the official firmware.

@Spildit Do you know where I can find the firmware for this purpose?

Discussion of firmwares with illegal features (saving rolling codes, region TX frequency unlock) is not allowed here.

However, you’ll be able to create a new signal with this protocol and pair it to your existing system.

The only thing that’s not allowed is saving and replaying existing signals, as this will de-sync the original remote from the system and may allow illegal behavior (such as capturing the signal from someone else’s door)

Hey there, as I understand I can still programm my flipper to send this codes. How can someone add this to the flipper source code so the frequency and so on is manageable?

Sommer FM has a modulation of 868.35 MHz. try FM238, FM476. I have already added the manufacturing key for this system

So, is it possible to add a Sommer garage manually? I don’t see any option to a Somloq on 868.35 FM. I’m asking out of courioisty (and to have another opener) but I’m also fine with waiting untill the protocol will be added.

How do i add a remote manually? i only have: Faac SLH_868 for the 868.8 mHz. And i would need a seed, counter, Fix.
i tried and added one and tried to learn it to the gate, but the receiver led doesnt blink at all. sad.
Thanks for help!

Any News in this?

Also looking for this protocol to be supported

Me too.

Unfortunately I can’t even scan the signal. The frequency analyser says 868.629MHz but when I set 868.35MHz in the scan tool nothing is detected with all modulations.

I’m also an owner of a Sommer Somloq 4020 (not Somloq2) system, and I have a few third-party OEM remotes: SOMMER APERTO 4025, SOMMER APERTO Remote Control 868MHz

Attached is a PCB photo of the above third-party remote, featuring a HCS301 chip!

That said, I still can’t get the F0 (0.74.2 firmware) to identify the transmission, or even to detect it in “Read” mode (868.8MHz, either FM modulation). It does show data in “Read raw” mode though.

Have you had any luck with this? I’m using a SOMMER 4025 remote and I have the same experience (won’t detect in read mode, but does show data in raw mode)!

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Could you explain how did you do that? I have sommer too and I am very new here.
thank you in advance!

Could you explain me please how can I do a new signal and pairing it with the existing one?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, I would also need help with this. It is my own door and I hoped I can use the flipper as an additional remote as my wife and I only have one. So using the flipper as second would be great. Any chance I can do that? It is a Sommer (Pearl 4018V000)