SPI Interface

Please excuse me if I’ve missed something in my searching, or my understanding is incorrect.

I would like to use my flipper to update the firmware of a microcontroller through SPI, but I’m having trouble finding a lot of documentation on this. I see there is a UART bridge mode but not an SPI bridge mode. Is anyone able to shed some light on this?

Thank you

There is, I didn’t tested yet, as I have nothing to flash.
Check out the discourse on project folder, Kate Temkin have ported bus pirate.

I only tried I2C connection so far. I will be happy to have feedback on this function if you are willing to try.

I have the same question, I have ATmega8 and I wanna flesh it but dont know how, there is no answer on discord or reddit. If anybody can help I would really appretiate it.

I found the project on Discord but there aren’t many details right now as it’s still in development.
Seems like it’s working to some extent on vanilla firmware from what I hear. I’ll have to try it out this weekend if I get the chance.

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I will try it tomorrow. Tnx for link, I will read morr about it.