Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Kyber Crystal

Hello I would like to reprogram the RFID chip in my lightsaber.

They seem to have a EM4305 RFID tag but when I read the tag with flipper it shows to be a em4100 tag and reads it correctly but a cannot seem to write new values to the tag

This is possible just not sure why I can’t with the flipper


Writing to EM4305 is different compared to the T5577 writing we support rn, so currently you can’t reprogram your crystal with your Flipper. This might however be added in the future


I think this would also be really cool.


EM4305 are very popular so writting our RFID cards to those chips/fobs would be great. I vote for this as well.

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I think this would be a very popular/fun/visual demonstration for people to learn about RFIDs. Disney is cranking these RFID “kyber crystals” out, building multiple products on them (light sabers, Holocrons), and charging $20 per “crystal” to unlock additional colors/characters, and so this would be pretty viceral way for people to experience getting that configuration option for free.


It’s already possible with crappy chinese products that are over priced and will lock your crystals… Alsopossible with hard to use stuff like proxmark3

Flipper is a way better user-friendly alternative to proxmark and it’s not harmfull to your crystals as it’s open source you will know what it’s doing, and you will not have bad surprizes like with those icopy and super copy things.

By Icopy i mean icopy3 and icopy5 sort of junk and NOT the iCopy-X as that one is legit and good

Have you tried this with the latest update? I can actually see the card numbers in the SAVE files now. Older firmwares didnt even know what it was. I am just trying to figure out how to to only change the Card Number.

I suspect that the Flipper when writing is not ignoring the password required options for the TAG. Anyone else had success?

Flipper can’t WRITE to those chips at the moment. It can READ them but not WRITE to them…

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Ahh bummer. Hopefully it comes soon.

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Any update on possibly being able to write to EM4305? Is it in a roadmap or anything that can be shared.

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I’m waiting for this as well, this and an option to remove password and format locked RFID cards …

I have scanned several crystals and the example contents are:

BlueKyber.rfid -
Filetype: Flipper RFID key
Version: 1
Key type: EM4100
Data: 00 00 00 0C 0E

Here is a table of HEX converted values:

Ahsoka Tano dialogue White 3072 0000000C00
Darth Vader dialogue Red 3073 0000000C01
Unreleased Orange 3074 0000000C02
Jedi Temple Guard dialogue Yellow 3075 0000000C03
Qui-Gon Jinn dialogue Green 3076 0000000C04
Unreleased Teal 3077 0000000C05
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Original Trilogy era) dialogue Blue 3078 0000000C06
Mace Windu (set 1) dialogue Purple 3079 0000000C07
Chirrut Imwe dialogue White 3080 0000000C08
Emperor Palpatine dialogue Red 3081 0000000C09
Count Dooku dialogue Red 3082 0000000C0A
Maz Kanata dialogue Yellow 3083 0000000C0B
Yoda dialogue Green 3084 0000000C0C
Darth Maul dialogue Red 3085 0000000C0D
Luke Skywalker (Sequel Trilogy era) dialogue Blue 3086 0000000C0E
Mace Windu (set 2) dialogue Purple 3087 0000000C0F
Darth Vader (Magic 8 Ball) dialogue Red 3121 0000000C31
Yoda (Magic 8 Ball) dialogue Green 3122 0000000C32
Snoke dialogue (note: this is from the black kyber crystal) Red 3123 0000000C33

I have been unsuccessful at unlocking or flashing any of the crystals or getting the flipper to emulate a crystal next to the saber in a way that changes the color. I have ordered some re-writable chips to create my own re-writable crystal. I will see if I have any success with them.

This data sheet might be helpful in the future.

At lab401and other options ofc you could get some blank/s you can write any ID to you want. ?


They are worth it for sure, most solid tags i had on my key-chain for a while now and they are semi indestructible.

Usually i like to be a critic on hardware and prices, but the tags at lab401 are really solid.


If it works, (and even if it doesn’t), you should consider making a pull-request of the .rfid files to GitHub - UberGuidoZ/Flipper: Playground (and dump) of stuff I make or modify for the Flipper Zero

If it only (currently) works when written to a tag, rather than when emulated by the Flipper, just put that in a README file

Update: I was able to purchase T5577 cards and successfully write to them, however the lightsaber handle does not recognize the rfid. It appears the flipper may only partially copy and duplicate kyber crystals, or I’m doing something wrong.

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We need flipper support for EM4305 + an app to make it easy to programm crystals using the hex table posted above.

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