Static Code - DIP switch to Key?

Hi !
Is there any way to calculate a “key” / “yek” from the position of the DIP switches on a remote ?
For example on 12 bit protocol of NICE FLO the original remote have 10 DIP Switch (either ON or OFF). Knowing the position of the DIP on a non-working remote or on the garage reciever how can i calculate the “Key” value to enter on the flipper ?
The idea would be when checking a non-reparable remote or when changing the DIP configuration of the controller to be able to GENERATE on the flipper the correct file to open the garage that can be then used to programm for example an universal remote.
Something like an APP to generate “key” from the DIP or even better an option on “Add manualy” would be of use for all protocols/remotes that work by setting DIP switch positions,

They are known and if i cared enough i could point you to the specific git, but those dipswitches just flip bits.

So if you order a 25$ rtlsdr cheap stick , or are bored enough to capture them on FZ and export them to pc and compare in universal radio hacker tool from git, you could compare bit lines and see what bits are swapping.

Those dipswitches you move actually change a bit from 0 to 1 in the message, its pretty simple comm.

But a lot of them are already known and worked out in documentation on git forks you can find on @UberGuidoZ git like the bruteforcer application and dumps in subghz collection .

Check out this link on hit git , he collected most available that you are looking for <3

Yeah, also a faster way would be to get an original remote and map the switchs to the codes produced.
Thanks anyway,
The idea would be for someone that doesn’t have a working remote to generate the fixed code by looking at the switches and for example imput that on the flipper to generate the correspondent key :slight_smile: