Stuck on updating

I was having issues where my flipper wouldn’t complete the update to the newest FW, it would always say that a suitable serial port was unable to be found so I decided to restart my computer, erase my SD card and erase my flipper. From there I went to re-install the stock FW on my Flipper and the is the tail from the log:
482229 [RPC] (12) System Update @/ext/update/f7-update-0.59.1/update.fuf START
482967 [RPC] (12) System Update @/ext/update/f7-update-0.59.1/update.fuf SUCCESS
482967 [RPC] (13) System Reboot START
482968 [RPC] (13) System Reboot SUCCESS
483124 [RPC] Serial connection was lost.
483124 [RPC] Stopping RPC session…
483124 [RPC] Attempting to unload protobuf plugin…
483124 [RPC] Unloaded protobuf plugin.
483124 [RPC] RPC session stopped successfully.
483203 [REG] Device went offline: VID_0x483:PID_0x5740
526435 [REG] Detected new device: VID_0x483:PID_0x5740
528131 [REG] Device initialization failed: Failed to find a suitable serial port
602254 [UPD] Fetched update information from
1070895 [UPD] Fetched update information from
1083602 [UTL] Start Update @Tasma ERROR: Failed to update: timeout exceeded
1083602 [DEV] Full Update @Tasma ERROR: Failed to update: timeout exceeded
1083602 [BKD] Current operation finished with error: “Failed to update: timeout exceeded”

From the flipper screen everything seemed okay but the app responded with “something strange has happened turn off and on”

To this point it also say that Radio FW is 1.13.3 Lite, is that correct?

Yes, the lite stack is correct.

Can you try updating via mobile app? It will take a bit longer, but should avoid the serial port issues.

Or if that’s not possible, here are some qFlipper troubleshooting steps:

  • Try using a different cable
  • Try connecting your device directly to your computer, avoiding any USB hubs
  • Try updating using another machine
  • Enter DFU and try flashing from there.

I get to this [RPC] (11) System Update @/ext/update/f7-update-0.60.1-rc/update.fuf START
[RPC] (11) System Update @/ext/update/f7-update-0.60.1-rc/update.fuf SUCCESS
[RPC] (12) System Reboot START
[RPC] (12) System Reboot SUCCESS
[RPC] Serial connection was lost.
[RPC] Stopping RPC session…
[RPC] RPC session stopped successfully.
[RPC] Starting RPC session…
[RPC] RPC session started successfully.
[RPC] (1) System Device Info START
[RPC] (1) System Device Info SUCCESS
[RPC] (2) Storage Info @/ext START
[RPC] (2) Storage Info @/ext SUCCESS
[RPC] (3) Storage Stat @/ext/Manifest START
[RPC] (3) Storage Stat @/ext/Manifest SUCCESS
[RPC] (4) System Get DateTime START
[RPC] (4) System Get DateTime SUCCESS
[RPC] (5) System Set DateTime START
[RPC] (5) System Set DateTime SUCCESS
[RPC] Stopping RPC session…
[RPC] RPC session stopped successfully.
[RPC] Starting RPC session…
[RPC] Failed to start RPC session: Failed to begin CLI session: Device is not responding

But, my flipper starts up normally, is this normal behaviour?

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Which of the 4 actions did you perform to reach this? In your case I’d recommend using the DFU method.

Unfortunately that was with the DFU method. I have been using the stock cable that came with my flipper and connected directly to my computer with no other USB devices attached. I have managed to resolve this by completely erasing my SD card and starting from absolute scratch. I was then able to resolve this issue momentarilly by switching to the release candidate but attempting to downgrade to the release firmware results in the same issue.

I can’t determine if day-to-day use of the flipper is affected, but it may be troublesome when it comes time to updating in future.

I know that I am late to respond to this but this happened to me but I don’t understand what you mean by DFU method.

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update which reloads the software and the firmware of your device.

Look at the following document. It will help you enter DFU mode.

EDIT: This link should also help.