Sub-Ghz : are all new cars with rolling codes

Are all modern cars with rolling codes?
I have a mazda 6 , 2017 i am trying to get into my car with the flipper
1 .Sub-Ghz
2. frequency analyzer ( found the requency )
3. read raw config / frequency / modulation
4. Record

Playback of frequency of unlocking car
Is this all the steps or am i missing something
Will the recording work ive tried but im unable to unlock my car


All modern cars I am aware of using rolling codes. I don’t really recommend you tinker too much unless you know what you are doing. I have spent hours helping people fix their car after they messed them up with their Flipper.

There are cars with exploits. I don’t recall if yours was one of them though.

How do you fix a car that’s been disabled/hampered by too many unsuccessful attempts? I just got my Flipper last week and am trying to learn as much as I can before toying with my own vehicle.

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That can depend on the vehicle and on how you mess it up. It’s usually difficult to just get the counter out of sync by pressing the button too much because the window is large but some people do manage to do that. The more likely common problem is you send a code out of order. The signal looks something like this.
{header}{function}{secret code}{counter}{error check}

If you know what you’re doing you can sometimes change the {function} from something like {door unlock} to {start car} or {open trunk}. That’s something you may find interesting later. Lets just talk about the counter for now though. Let’s say the counters window is 0001 - 1000. Any counter number between 0001 and 1000 is valid to use but if you use counter 0501 every counter number before that is immediately invalid and the counter window will switch too 0502-1501. If you try to use any code with an expired counter it can lock out that remote immediately. It can also do some other strange things.

The most common fixes involve putting the key in and cycling about 6 times without starting the car. Sometimes that’s in the door, sometimes that’s in the ignition. On Ford it’s often enough to use a second key fob to enable the messed up one. Other cars have a pattern you must press on your key fob. Something like door lock, unlock, trunk. Many Kia on the other hand allows you to hit any button around 10 times on the fob. Other cars have a secret spot in the the glove compartment or under the cup holder where you must place your fob to reset it. It can be different from one car to the next and on model year to the next.

Always have a second fob if you’re going to play with this and do you research for your car and model.