Sub-GHz frequencies won't sync

About 2 weeks ago, I discovered that my ceilling fan’s remote used Sub_GHz and I saved them. I had a bunch of raw saves just fooling around. I deleted all the pointless ones from the device and and the mobile app, but since then the mobile app won’t sync any Sub-GHz frequencies. I downloaded & shared the frequencies manually, archived them, but the show up as not synced. I’ve updated the firmware, but it still won’t sync. Any one else run into this issue?

Hi. Did you try to disconnect/re-pair you’r FZ to app/phone? Or maybe, try to clear the cache of app (if you are using Android, not sure about Apple products, not experienced now).

Using an Andriod phone. I tried unpairing and restarting both devices. Wiped the cache & data and still won’t sync anything.

So, I think some of the old raw frequencies may have been corrupted. Deleting those files from the PC app cleared up the sync issue.



Are you able to copy all old files back and re-try? Just for sure and knowledge :slight_smile: if you can try this, please let me/us know about results.

If the issue appear again, maybe then you can try to remove all sub files from uSD card, and then try to copy files back one by one, to identify which one is broken.

Maybe not bad idea, is try to test you’r uSD card for R/W errors. Just for sure, to avoid future problems.

Sure, I think I have some backups with the old frequencies. I’ll try it when I get a chance.

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