Sub-GHz micro SD noise, recommendations/ suggestions

Hey folks,

I’ve been seeing a bunch of random readings when using the frequency analyzer, I understand it is more than likely noise from the micro SD.

Would anyone have suggestions on a micro SD model that do not produce random readings? (or perhaps a confirmation that there might not be one without noise)

i’m currently using SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro SD-Memory-Card 256gb

For anyone trying to reproduce the issue here’s how

Steps to view Frequency Analyzer:

  1. Navigate to the menu using the center button on the flipper and select Sub-Ghz
  2. Scroll down and select Frequency Analyzer
  3. Note random frequency readings (No source within 6ft of flipper)
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Can you give me some frequencies or an example of some sort so I can see if I’m having a similar issue? I have not noticed it personally but would be willing to test. I’m using Sandisk Ultra cards.

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Sure thing, thanks for taking a look! I’ll add a video, I’ll also update the initial post to contain steps to repro the observed behavior.

Edit: it looks like I don’t have permission to post videos or pictures, posting steps and frequencies instead.


  1. Navigate to menu and select Sub-Ghz
  2. Scroll down and select Frequency Analyzer
  3. Note random frequency readings (No source within 6ft of flipper)

Some observed frequencies returned- 914.999 MHz, 317.999 MHz, 390.000 MHz, 438.899 MHz
Firmware: Release 0.83.1
Similar Post with response pointing to micro sd noise: Letting my flipper just chill on frequency analyzer reveals almost constant SubGHZ readings.

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Upload a video or some picture to Imgr or YouTube and link them. It’s difficult to determine without scale what may be happening however on thinking about your problem I see no reason to suspect the SD card. There would be no reason to experience noise unless the card is actively being accessed. I don’t believe the SD card is being accessed while using the frequency analyzer.

EDIT: Perhaps I am incorrect.

Heres the vid, uploaded the gif to youtube and posting the link did the trick :+1:

Dang so when you’re in the frequency analyzer its just 000.000 MHz? I might give sandisk a try haha, or perhaps I’ll try a smaller-sized micro sd. 256 gb might be overkill

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I am not experiencing this issue at all till I press a button on something that makes RF. You can’t tell my Flipper is doing anything.

EDIT: If I sit here long enough I eventually catch something that does not belong.

Testing and I can’t consistently get 1 stray signal every 5 minutes. Mine is pretty solid and I live in a “noisy” house when it comes to RF. I even turned on some appliances I know leak RF. It just took me over 8 minutes to get the last stray signal.

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