Sub-GHz Not detecting my honda key fob

Hi there,

I got a flipper zero but I’m trying to copy the information from my Honda F-RV key fob. I set it to the correct frequency using the frequency analyser but it won’t detect any information or nothing happens. It only detects it when I read it using the RAW feature. When I save it and try to emulate it, it doesn’t unlock or open the car for some reason. Can someone maybe help me please. I have attached 2 files of the readings on RAW for opening the car and closing it. Thank you

Close.sub (4.3 KB)
Open.sub (3.7 KB)

Not that simple … Rolling codes … car have security … even if it’s known to have a bug and possible to exploit…Ook650Async is NOT what you need to be using as well.

You need a correct pre-set for Honda (there are 2 posted here already use the first one) and capture multiple presses of close / open for the desire fuction to exploit re-sync by sending a sucession of valid dynamic codes …

If you don’t understand what you are doing please do stop it now. Further action can de-sync your original fob.