Sub-GHz -> Run in app -> Flipper crashed and was rebooted every time

Hi, my flipper has reboot every time when want send recorded remote, i try few remotes with 315 and 868 mhz, every time same - when i click “Send” - then flipper is frozen/reboot and has information “Flipper crashed and was rebooted”. I check with firmware from the box and newest. Is this hardware fault? I see one similar topic but is closed. Reading is ok, freq analyze is ok, rfid read send OK, nfc read send OK, but remote read OK send = reboot+hard fault.

Can you attach a file that crashes your device?

have same problem add file:
Vw_atrak.sub (163 Bytes)

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I don’t see that this was ever resolved. I just got mine, fully updated it an installed any apps from the Flipper Zero app that seemed interesting/worth exploring. Now when I try to run the Sub-GHz app it crashes every time with the error message "“Flipper crashed and was rebooted. NULL pointer dereference”. Please help!

The NFC app is also crashing with the message “Flipper crashed and was rebooted. huri_check failed”