Sub GHz transmit noise

Hi! I just got my FlipperZero today out of the box running the stock firmware - and I’ve been getting some crazy noise with transmissions. I’ve verified this with my hackrf where I record a few seconds of 433.92 AM on my FlipperZero and play back. The noise level is bad enough that nothing comes through the FlipperZero coherently enough to be recognized. Is this a faulty board and if so, is it possible to get a replacement?

Hello! Can you please provide more context? What are you trying to record and replay?

Please note that Flipper Zero’s SubGHz chip only has 1-bit modulation capabilities, so any analog signals transmitted (e.g. voice) will be very hard do discern, as they’ll only have 2 states: signal on and signal off.

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hello can i have sub ghz code for canada