Subghz cli usage (te parameter)

Hi, I found no documentation about using the subghz cli command. Specifically all examples refer to the 3 parameters command, while usint 0.73 (at least) there is a new “te” parameter (4 in total)
I found nowhere info about what this is meant to be. I tried transmitting several codes with no success, using increasing numbers. Then I looked into the code and found a default as 403. Tried passing that and it works.
For reference and other people searching:
subghz tx ABC 433920000 403 5
What is that parameter supposed to be?
Also, is there a way to transmit a raw file? I found a python lib that allows that, but nothing int he cli.

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My best guess is <te: us> refers to a region code so the Flipper only transmits in frequencies allowed in the region.

It is an integer value, I suppose us is something like micro seconds.
May be the duration of the bits transmitted.

Just saw it came in an API refactoring PR [FL-2230] SubGhz: protocol API refactoring by Skorpionm · Pull Request #969 · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware (
@SkorP can you help us on this?

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I looked again and I see what you mean. How did you figure out to use an int there? The help file is currently as clear as mud. Did you find an example?

tx <Transmit>
ABC <3 byte Key: in hex>
433920000 <frequency: in Hz>
403 <te: us>
5 Repeat Count

subghz tx ABC 433920000 403 5

I’m a simple person, I see int in the variable declatarion, I put int.
To add to my previous post: I used 403 but I actually don’t know if it is a valid value. Turns out there was another remote signalling my device and I thought it was my command line. It was not, since it stopped working. Adding some analysis I found out that command only transmits 24 bit codes, not 12 bit ones like mine.
So sending 12 bit Princeton is only available via menus, not cli. That’s unfortunate, I was trying to automate things.
This is the line I refer to: flipperzero-firmware/subghz_cli.c at 8582670a341030e43ddf277aad625e9063802cd7 · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware (

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