Suggestion - checksum calculation on Dallas x01 when entering new keys :

As title says, when entering a new key on Dallas 01 formmat there should be an option to calculate or warning about wrong checksum.

Work-arround if one doesn’t know how to calculate the checksum is to cretae a key, write it to a physical button, read it, get a warning from flipper stating the correct expected checksum and correct it on the created key.

This can be of use to people using flipper to generate random keys.

For example i have "master"keys and i want to insert user keys so instead of buying read only keys i can make random keys on rw buttons and add those to the system as user keys. Creating keys with wrong checksum will not work.

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Oh, that’s a great idea! I’ll tell our devs about that and we’ll probably add that


Thanks ! But please do allow to still use/create keys with wrong checksum as this might be of use as an attack vector, like using keys full of 00 or FF even with wrong checksum to trick readers. Regards.

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