Sync GitHub with FlipperZero

i was wondering if anyone has found a smart way to sync a GiyHub repo to Flipper Zero instead of hacing to download file manually then copy/paste via qFlipper … this would be very usefull specially when having a lot of files to sync

The main issue here is the SPI communication with the SDCard. So it is very slow.

I’d rather take the SD Card out and sync via cardreader.

For this purpose I’ve wrote a little helper: Little helper to sync SD card

There is a lot of potential to improve, but at the moment I’m on another project (FZ-IRDB to SQLite). And this script works fine once a week or month, depending on how much time I’ll spend with the flipper.

I think the Flipper Zero got the status of ‘my every day tool’:
Last week, we’ve had to adjust an professional Epson Beamer/projector and the Remote was missing. The codes where in the FZ-IRDB, and luckily on my SD Card. It was a little slow, because the Flipper sends one command after another, the Epson Remote repeats commands much faster. But it worked better than click the buttons mirrored, 3m above the ground with the picture in the back.

To archive this, a maintained base of dumps is key.

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Thanks !!
Will give it a shot