T5577 password protection

As I learned, you can password protect a t5577 chip, so it’s not writable.
(my flipper couldn’t write to tags that came with a cheap cloner, that’s how I found out)

So will the flipper be able to set a password so no one rewrites a tag?
(or remove a known password set by chinese cloners)

because I can’t program, I depend on the devs adding it to their list

I know about the Proxmark3 and I plan on getting one in a bundle with a nfc/rfid implant because it’s cheaper regarding shipping cost, but that’s months away still

I already requested for this .

Set a password and even more important remove password either by typing it and also attempt to brute force from a list of known chinese crapp programmers that lock tags.

Also a full format command would be very usefull to clear written cards…

But looks like flipper tam is taking a huge amount of time to implement this sort modifications so maybe someone that can properly code can write some plug-ins to do this.


T5577 Isn’t supported currently right? I’ve been trying to read my pass atm based on the below with no luck.
Low-Frequency 125khz Key Fob
Chip Type: T55x7
Modulation: FSK2a
Bit Rate: 4 — RF/50
Got the info but can’t for the life of me get it to read lol

Try to enable DEBUG and on RFID 125 there should be an option to READ RAW in extra actions. Use that. Send the files to @Astra to see if a parser for your fob/pass can be implementd.

I’ve sent an email to support with the data in it, should I send it to Astra too??

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Yes, please do.

Hi and Happy New Year!

Any progress with t5577 password protection options?

Yes but only with non-official firmware.

Could You please provide the howto’s url?

Not allowed here … And there aren’t how to utrl … Just install non-stock firmware with that option/function.

I’m looking for this as well. I purchased a wearable that contains 6 chips, 2 of which are T5577 chips.

I’m trying to clone two cards to those T5577 chips and it won’t write.

I emailed the manufacturer and they told me that the chips are subject to “conflicts” since they’re so close so they password protected them so you can target the specific chip using the corresponding password which they provided.

This is all very new to me (cloning) so I figured I’d try it but do not see an option to specify a password. Is there no way to do this?

I saw in the thread mention of custom firmware to possibly do this, if that’s the case, where can it be found?

CFW is not supported here, you have to find your own way to that sorry…

Is there a process for requesting this ability? I’m trying to write to a dual-chip device which is password protected for a purpose with different password, I know the passwords, and removing them is undesired. I just want to be able to specify the password when writing to the device so only the chip with the specified password is written to.

It would be nice to have on official firmware an option to set a pasdsword when writting and to erase/format a card/fob using a password.

Could be of use to bypass readers that dtect clones by erasing them…