Tele Radio T20

I’m hoping to emulate my garage remote, which transmits on 869,85 MHz. Please see photos below.


I have the same issue (same remote). I tried recording all available modulations without success. Any ideas what to try next?


I’m assuming that the protocol is not yet supported, and I hope it will become supported at a later date.

Hy, i have already cloned one but it looked a bit different
It used 433.92 and modulation was FM476.
The Flipper could only copy it via Read Raw …maybe it helps.
I recognized that some label on Radios are incorrect …give it a try with 433.92 maybe it’s just labeled wrong.
Or check it before with the frequenzy analyzer

Maybe you should post the working flipper captures ? This could help to implement the protocol …

What is the listed frequency on your remote?

I have been able to copy the signal of a garage door of this type with the frequency of 869.85 using raw signal. I will insert the file here for someone to possibly implement this protocol so that more people can copy similar remotes.

T20869.85.sub (24.6 KB)

I had to use unleashed firmware to be able to send this as it was just outside the allowed band in my area.


Thanks for posting ! Let’s hope that the dev team con implement this ! The more working protocols the better.

Up! I’m having the same remote, and even with raw capture it doesn’t work. I’m ready to provide whatever we need.

Anyone found a solution? I have the exact same remote and cannot manage, even with unleash firmware … I cannot even get the right frequency read fully. Anyone can help?

Frequency is written on the remote so you need to add 869.85 to flipper to start with and try to read raw with AM first and try to replay the recorded signal (on flipper) to see if it does work with your system.