Tips on Sub-GHz Range Extender Antenna?

I’ve recently ordered my first Flipper and need some advice on which Sub-GHz range extender antenna offering is most likely to work?

If the onboard one does not meet your wanted specifications, there are multiple cc1101 boards with options for external antenna with higher gain. But if you order a blank board , the cc1101 and maybe some solid antenna’s and add a cheap amplifier circuit you could pump out a couple of watt’s if you want to.

Keep in mind, that amplifying it is not allowed in a lot of places and only very low power devices are free to use without a license, the louder you scream, the easier you will be heard and also found :smile:

If you want to be done fast, there are multiple ready options for 10-25 bucks with a cc1101 pre-baked onto a board and a nice antenna included.

But if you decide to go for 8w amp brick , and create havoc and noise in a 3 mile radius, a black/white striped pyjama’s could be a outcome.

If it is about RX/TX capabilities the onboard one can also do that, the addition of the same external options would mostly be to increase range/radius, it does not add or remove much functionality and are both capable to transmit in these bands.

why would you prefer a external module? There could be a lot of reasons but the most common one would be range.

It’s for range reasons. Personally I’d like to start with the internal one and then have an available external transceiver.

Would the one I linked to work OK?

It seems a bit pricy, ali or other vendors have equal options and i have seen better options for half that price.

Example perhaps? My searches didn’t turn up much. I’d like one that’s ready to be plugged into my Flipper.

banggood has somewhat alike fz compatible one for 20€ ,but i am sure i have seen ones as low as 8 euro’s on ali, just looking for “c1101 fz” but i have seen amazon stacks for 5 pieces separated small board ones with antenna for 300sekr? ish? But then you would need some empty devboards and lego your own together.
Here we have local shops also selling those chipsets on cheap boards with nice antenna’s for like 5 bucks with a high gain antenna, not preprinted on the FZ devboard, so you need to put some effort, but if you want to cheap out you can make a array of them for 50 bucks and have multiple types of antenna’s in multiple directions :smiley: it mostly depends on how bored you are :smiley:

I don’t know if it is came up in the forum before, but if I’d goes to range, there are two sides.

  • One end of the system is the board and attach a amplifier to the maximum allowed volume and drain the battery faster. (Electronics)
  • The other end is the antenna. A rod antenna sends omnidirectional in every direction. A directional antenna will increase the allowed signal up to factor 4 in one direction. (Physics)

Sometimes the second one is much more easy and cheaper to build. Just as a thought.

I think you may be confusing terms. It’s important to understand the modules that attach to Flipper aren’t just “antennas”. They are micro controllers with their own transceivers, accessories, and antennas.
Just below I linked an actual antenna. This one is very long compared to the type that usually attaches to an add on board. It can’t be attached directly to the Flipper but I used a similar antenna with a CC1101 board and got terrific range without an amplifier.
Exhibit 1: The Antenna

Exhibit 2: The Add on board.

That’s an impossible question without knowing what your goal is but I can go over some of the options so you can pick out the one that works best for you.

  • WiFi
    For the purpose of debugging and various WiFi operations like evil twin or wardriving.

  • NRF for Bluetooth projects like mouse jacking and mouse jiggler.

  • Subghz
    There are several subghz frequencies. Make sure the add on board supports the frequencies you want. They don’t all support the full range of frequencies your Flipper supports.

  • Amplifier
    An add on board without an amplifier will still get better range then the Flipper does because it can be attached to an external antenna. Not all add on boards have an amplifier.

  • Antenna There are different antennas that come with the add on boards. Most can be changed. If you decide to buy a bigger antenna make sure the connector will fit your add on board. Be sure to also make sure it is tuned to the frequencies you want to use it for. The one I linked in “Exhibit 1” should work with most add on boards and it’s tuned to work well with the 433mhz band.

From here on the options are less useful in my opinion.

  • Camera

  • GPS
    This option might be useful if you want to wardrive or need very accurate time.

  • IR blaster

  • SD card adapter

  • Temperature and Humidity

I’m not specifically recommending the products I linked above. Those were just examples. I built my own add on board so I haven’t tested any being sold by anyone else. There may be additional functionality some add on boards have. My list was all inclusive but those are the most common features. I hope you see why