Transceiver module at gas station

Hey everyone. I spotted this transceiver in a local gas station where I’m from. This is a chain of gas stations. That probably doesn’t matter but thought I’d mention it. Did some research in hopes of identifying the intended purpose of it but just got the technical data as it can be used for multiple applications. The module product code is ktx433-usb. I will attach a picture as well. Frequency range is around 433mhz. I’m curious if this is use for either gas’s pump communication (which I doubt), or is used to communicated with the self checkouts. This particular chain of gas stations has usually 3 to 4 self checkouts as well. May when you do something that requires verification from an employee that’s one way they can “unblock” the pos? Not sure. Maybe you guys know more. By the way, this was laying on the checkout counter along with a bunch of other miscellaneous cords. It obviously wasn’t meant to be out in the open but from bumps and movement I’m sure it just worked its way out. Thanks.

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It looks like a generic USB 433Mhz modem. It could be used for lots of different things but we can only guess without more context. It seem like a good possibility it controls signs or lights.

Nice finding/observation.

But as said before, without more Information there will be no more insights.
The signal LED is helpful, to capture when it is blinking.

  1. I see this more a SDR/Hack-RF task as a Flpper task.
  2. Who will stay near the counter to wait until it is blinking.
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True, I would use an SDR. I have a small box that I put an SDR in. It also has a battery bank and a RPI Zero running RTL_433. It can pick up signals from a good distance. It saves everything to the SD card and I connect to it over WiFi using my phone to download the signals it picks up. I usually put the RPI radio in hotspot mode so it’s a direct WiFi connection but if there is WiFi available the pi can be accessed remotely over the internet too. Tailscale is a good option for that. A car parked outside is probably plenty close. RTL_433 can be set up to ignore known signals like weather stations. Given my guess that this is related to the signs I assume the correct time to show up is just before they open.

Asking is an option but in my experience gas station attendants rarely understand what the various devices do. Most people just aren’t curious in the same way people here are.