Transmission range is extremely poor

Hey there,
Just bought my flipper zero - latest FW (0.83.1)

I can receive and record any 433 signal but I can’t reproduce it - the transmitted signal is extremely weak, I have to basically touch the garage door antenna to be functional

Same when I tried with my friends Flipper Zero - I have to be right next to his flipper in terms for him to receive my generated signal

Is that a power restriction? (I’m in Australia) or HW defect?


How does the recording look like? How good or bad is the capture? Generating keys from the flipper and sending those, does that work? Or is it just captures that are not replaying well?

Have you tried just restoring firmware and does that make any difference?
So first step i would first try to restore the firmware again, or try dev and check if that makes a difference?

Looking at the flipper and checking output with realtek dongle it actually seems to have a very good TX and the range is pretty good in my personal experience.

For lab and testing purposes you could look into different firmware that does not have region restrictions and look for the differences there. But if its region restricted the TX is just disabled or enabled, i do not think the TX power changes in different region settings, at least i have not seen it happen yet.


I was testing it incorrectly - I mean yes, the range is poor (even while recording as it turned)
But I think that’s not the issue

All the gates I was testing might have rolling code? That’s what I think…
The radio works, but only one time. I have to record the signal and then reproduce it, but the gate will open only one time, the second attempt will not work

Is that what it is? If so… a bit disappointing :smiley: