"Tricking" IR door open sensors?

Many doors do have IR sensors that open the door when someone is near it, sometimes just from outside to inside. There are also switches that use IR when you place your hand close to it to trigger the door to open. This works as devices send IR signales that your body reflect back to the device.
Would it be possible to BLAST an IR signal from flipper to trigger those devices ?
For example you can have a glass door that opens from the outside to the inside with a badge/card but when you are exiting it opens by knowing that someone is near the door as it will reflect the IR light of the body to the sensor. If one could blast an IR signal from the outside of the glass door to the sensor it would “trick” the door to open. Same as if on the inside there is a switch that you place your hand near it without touching it and it knowns that “something” is pressing it because your hand reflects IR light back to the switch sensor.
With flipper i did capture a huge amount of RAWs from those doors and switches but sending the raw back or even capturing raws from reflected IR light from the body doesn’t trigger the switch to activate/door to open, but somehow if it were possible to send something to trigger/trick those sensors it would be cool !!! Any ideas ???

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There was a video where someone was able to do something like this with a soap dispenser. I was able to recreate that but so far that’s the only device the Flipper seems to work with. It’s a very finicky process that took many attempts. It also requires you to be very close when capturing or replaying the signal. I don’t think the Flipper will be capable of doing this with a door. My understanding is IR door sensors are detecting the infrared temperature differentials. That’s why we can use canned air to activate them. I think it would take something much more powerful then the Flipper to set off a door from a distance.

Agree, I will also test with some more switches and post back.
Something like this,

By the way i think the video is fake because i have some of those switches in my country and they emmit a signal that is not decodable (raw only) and sending back that signal does nothing. Tested with the signal on the video and nothing as well, so most likely video is fake yet is something to investigate further.

I can vouch for the Flipper video I posted because that’s mine. I have the file if you want to try it. I used a camera to see the IR emitter in that soap dispenser. That might be worth doing before you try to capture a signal since not all work that way. I haven’t got the Flipper to work on any toilets or faucets yet but I haven’t tried many.

Ok, thanks. I will keep on trying with other devices to test this out.

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@Spildit Hello, can you send it. I wanna try.

Nice talk here, with some tips on how IR works: Noooooooooo touch! - Michael Rodger | BSides Cape Town 2023 (youtube.com)


I’ll check that out @LupusE might find it interesting as well.

Nice talk with a lot of knowledge.
The Flipper IR module is a little less powerful, than 5W from his device.
But nice findings about the ‘protocol’. Would be nice to check if this would work from less distance with the Flipper, with artificial signals.

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That’s what I’m wondering.

There are some pretty amazing IR add on boards!