Trying to break into a school computer but it's Locked

If anyone has a DuxkyScript or could assist me in breaking into a school computer that is secured by an administrator Username and Password, please let me know. On the machine in question, I tried downloading something, and it asked me to provide a username and password. I was wondering if there was a BadUSB script that might help me figure out the username and password.

We don’t help people break the law here. I’ve heard a few stories of kids like you getting busted. One ended up in jail and another got suspended. It’s a slippery slope. Think twice before doing something reckless.


The Flippers BadUSB does no magic. It is simply a very fast keyboard.
So when you can’t get into the computer without a Flipper, the Flipper can’t do this.

  • It can’t just unlock the system without knowing the credentials.
  • It can’t operate behind the lockscreen.
  • There is no DMA or likewise.

Most scripts are useful after unlock, because they can perform tasks automatically. They can’t do anything also than you do. But faster.

Either you learn your tools or the Flipper is the wrong toy for you.